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Marine Notices

Date: 03 July 1992

 Carriage of flammable oils in forepeak tanks of ships is discouraged.

Date: 15 June 1992

 Watertight bulkheads.

Date: 11 December 1991

Compliance with the requirement in terms of regulation 13 if the Ships' Medicines and medical appliances regulation, 1991 to have on board certain medicines and medial appliances

Date: 28 November 1990

 Use of the compass of the forrad maneuvering wheelhouse. 

Date: 15 November 1990

 Distribution of marine notices.

Date: 26 August 1991

Failure in the operating system of a fixed fire smothering gas installation.

Date: 15 December 1988

Stowage and care of PVC foam life jackets and buoyancy aids.

Date: 18 July 1988

Tuna fishing vessels: the hazardous manouevre of "jumping".


Maritime Emergency Number: 021-938-3300