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Programme Overview

SAMSA’s programmes align with the National Priorities and Strategies, the Ministerial Outputs and the National Development Plan.
The National Department of Transport Outcomes are:
  • An efficient and integrated transport infrastructure network for social and economic development;
  • A Transport sector that is safe and secure;
  • Improved rural access, infrastructure and mobility;
  • Improved public transport systems;
  • Increased contribution to job creation;
  • Increased contribution of transport to environmental sustainability.
In line with this, SAMSA has the following Strategic Programmes:
Programme 1: Organisational Capability Improvement programme to ensure that SAMSA is a highly competent Maritime Authority
Programme 2: Maritime Sector Development Programme focusing on promoting and facilitating social-economic growth, development and transformation across the South African Maritime Sector.
Programme 3: Maritime Safety Programme to ensure a safe and secure Maritime Domain, aimed at improving shipping, boating, crewman as well as seafarer safety
Programme 4: Maritime Environmental Protection Programme aimed at developing and enforcing regulations to avert the introduction of invasive species into the maritime environment, halting unauthorized ocean dumping of hazardous substances and prevention of oil and chemical spills.
Programme 5: Maritime Governance Programme aimed at strengthening maritime governance with a focus on collaborative stakeholder participation and the sharing of responsibilities and actions at National, Regional and International perspectives of governance to ensure effective implementation of the South African Maritime agenda.
Programme 6: Service Delivery Excellence Programme focusing on the implementation of a total quality management system to improve and optimize SAMSA’s core business and support systems.
Maritime Emergency Number: 021-938-3300