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Regulation 9 of the Merchant Shipping (Training, Certification and Safe Manning) Regulations, 2021 (the Regulations) requires that SAMSA shall establish the Syllabus Committee. The Syllabus Committee's primary functions are to:

  1. keep the ​ Training Standards Code​​ under review.
  2. advise the Authority on matters relat​ed to Training, Assessment and Certification of Seafarers.

Accordingly, the Chief Examiner established the Syllabus Committee to comprise of (not limited to) the following members:

  1. Senior Examiners – Deck, Engine and Radio, appointed in accordance with Regulation 5
  2. the Registrar and the Deputy Registrar of Seafarers, appointed in accordance with Regulation 4
  3. nominated SAMSA Representatives x 3 (Fishing specialist, Quality Assurance Manager, Secretary)
  4. a representative of SAIMI
  5. Seafarer Employers:
    • four representatives for the Fishing Industry (nominated from the National Fishing Forum)
    • two other employers
  6. representatives from SAIMENA and SOMMSA x 2 each
  7. Training organisations:
    • 1 representative per training organisation accredited to provide academic courses required for officers (currently 6 organisations)
    • Short course accredited institutions with more than 12 accreditations
  8. Additional persons may be invited by the chairperson - on request:
    • Persons requesting attendance shall do so at least a week before the meeting via secretary.
    • The invitation will apply per meeting.
    • For certain meetings, the Chairperson may send an open invite to members of the industry at their discretion.

The work of the Syllabus Committee shall be in accordance with the Quality Standards System established in accordance with Regulation 6.

In May 2018 the Syllabus Committee approved the process for approval of the SAMSA Code (POP 502 - Approval of the SAMSA Code by the Syllabus Committee). The SAMSA Code is now known as the Training Standards Code, and the process for approval is QMS-OP-1004 - Approval of the Training Standards Code. Members of the Syllabus Committee may access the process below:

  1. QMS-OP-1004 - Approval of the Training Standards Code
  2. QMS-OG-1004.1 - Criteria for assessing Training Standards
  3. QMS-OG-1004.2 - List of Training Standards
  4. QMS-OG-1004.3 - Format of the Standards of Training and Assessment​

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