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​​​The Centre for Seafarers is responsible for ensuring that all services to seafarers offered by SAMSA and SAMSA accredited/approved providers are quality services and consistent through the different offices. The Centre is made of largely three units:

  • Office of the Chief Examiner
  • Certification Office
  • Welfare Office

The Office of the Chief Examiner, together with the Certification office, are responsible for the education, training, assessment and certification of seafarers. The education, training, assessment and certification of seafarers services are achieved by setting minimum standards that are compliant with the International Convention on Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping for Seafarers, 1978, as amended (STCW Convention), and the Merchant Shipping (Safe Manning, Training and Certification) Regulations 2013, as amended (the Regulations). The STCW Convention set the minimum standards for the training and certification through the Seafarers’ Training, Certification and Watchkeeping  Code (STCW Code). The STCW Code is made up of two parts, namely:

  • Part A – Mandatory standards regarding  provisions of the annex to the STCW Convention
  • Part B – Recommended Guidance regarding provisions STCW Convention and its annex

The STCW Convention and the STCW Code is implemented in South Africa through the Regulations and the South African Maritime Qualifications Code (SAMSA Code)

The Office of the Chief Examiner ensures that the South African Maritime Qualifications Code reflects local legislation and international conventions in terms of content and curriculum.

It also establishes policy for the effective and consistent application of existing and future Legislation.

In its work to ensure compliance with both local and international requirements, the Centre has developed a Quality Standards System (QSS) to cover the full scope of the STCW Convention and the Regulations.

The QSS has a large number of documents dealing with the full process of seafarers assessment and certification process. The full list of these documents are listed in the GOP-500.0 - Index of Controlled Documents for the SAMSA Code

The documents is a live documents and changes to it are made regularly and stakeholders are advised to use it from the web each time.

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