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Part 5 of the Merchant Shipping (Training, Certification and Safe Manning) Regulations, 2021, (the Regulations) requires that all medical practitioners performing the medical examinations required under the Merchant Shipping Act, 1951, as amended be approved in accordance with the Regulations.


This process, QMS-OP-1003 - Approval of Medical Practitioners, gives effect to the provisions of these Regulations and are applicable to all medical practitioners seeking to be so approved. The process comprises of the following documents which covers the procedures, forms checklists, etc. necessary for a full approval:


#​ Document​​ Description​
1.        QMS-OP-1003 – Approval of Medical Practitioners​​ Sets out the primary requirements for the approval of the Medical Practitioners, including the process flows and the associated document.
2.        QMS-OG-1003.1 – Requirements for Approval of Medical Practitioners Sets detailed compulsory approval requirements for Medical Practitioners
3.        QMS-OC-1003.1 - Application for Approval or Re-Approval checklist Checklist to be used by the Medical Practitioners to compile their application for submission
4.        QMS-OC-1003.2 – Audit Checklist and Aide Memoir Checklist used for a Medical Practitioner's venue inspection and audit during the approval or re-approval process. This checklist is also used when doing Adhoc medical practitioners audit
5.        QMS-OT-1003.5 – Seafarer medical examination records (Kindly use Chrome Browser to open the document)​ Templates to be used by medical practitioners when sending their periodic medical returns
6.​     QMS-OF-1003.6 – Application for Colour and Form Vision Test Form to be completed by a seafarer when applying for the eyesight medical examinations in a SAMSA office


The Medical Practitioner(s), in submitting their application for approval, or re-approval, shall compile their applications as guided by QMS-OC-1003.1 – Checklist for submission of information together with the application for service form and submit to the nearest SAMSA Office.


To find out if a Medical Practitioner is approved, you may check the list of approved Medical Practitioners here:

  1. Approved Medical Practitioners, by Practice
  2. Approved Medical Practitioners, by Area


Enquiries regarding the List of Approved Medical Practitioners shall be directed to

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