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MN 9 of 2016 Hull Surveys for Pleasure Sailing Vessels which fall under the Merchant Shipping.pdf
MN 8 of  2016 Standards for Aids to Navigation in South African waters and Inland Waterways.pdf
MN 6 of 2016 Accreditation of Seafarer Recruitment and Placement Agencies.pdf
MN 40 of 2016 - List of Recognized Organizations.pdf
MN 39 of 2016 - Verification of new format Certificates.doc.pdf
MN 37 of 2016 SAMSA Approval o f Lifejackets and Buoyancy Aids and the Compulsory.pdf
MN 36 of 2016 Annual Safety Surveys for Small Vessels Operating Outside of South African.pdf
MN 35 of 2016 Safe Manning of Fishing Vessels and Persons working on Fishing Vessels.pdf
MN 34 of 2016 SOLAS VI Regulation 2 Amendment-Verification of the Gross Mass of Packed.pdf
MN 33 of 2016 Amendment Act, 2015- Regulated requirements for crew’s agreements..pdf
MN 32 of 2016 Radio equipment carriage and radio certification requirements for small vessels.pdf
MN 3 of 2016 Application for Permission to Conduct a Bunker or Fuel Transfer Operation.pdf
MN 28 of 2016 The Merchant Shipping (Maritime Security) Regulations, 2004.pdf
MN 27 of 2016 Lessons Learnt from Recent Casualties.pdf
MN 20 of 2016 Guidelines for assessment of application for Certificate of Competency,.pdf
MN 2 of 2016 The ad-hoc inspections of South African flagged fishing vessels, 2015..pdf
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