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MN 9 of 2014 - List of Recognized Organizations.pdf
MN 8 of 2014 - SAMSA Policy and Guideline Regarding the Status and Use of Work Boats Carried Aboard Ships.pdf
MN 6 of 2014 - Sail and Motor Yachts of over 25 GT but less than 100 GT used for Charter Purposes.pdf
MN 5 of 2014 - Reporting of oil spills and shipping casualties threatening pollution.pdf
MN 4 of 2014 - Policy Regarding Security Training.pdf
MN 35 of 2013 - Accredited training institutions and programs.pdf
MN 34 of 2014 - Recognition of Existing Seafarers for Electro – Technical Officers (ETO) Certificate of Competency (CoC).pdf
MN 33 of 2014 - Accredited training institutions and programs.pdf
MN 32 of 2014 - Recognition of Foreign Seafarer Certificates of Competency and Proficiency (for revalidation purposes only) in Terms of the STCW Convention.pdf
MN 31 of 2014 - Theoretical Training for Master, Mate 200GT, 500GT..pdf
MN 30 of 2014 - List of valid Marine Notices.pdf
MN 29 of 2014 - Policy Regarding Approval and Custody of Stability Information, and Related Matters.pdf
MN 27 of 2014 - Non-compliance with Regulatory requirements- findings of the Western Cape High Court on Insurance Cover.pdf
MN 26 of 2014 - Guarding of Openings and Holds.pdf
MN 25 of 2014 - Medical Evacuations from Vessels (MEDEVAC).pdf
MN 24 of 2014 - SAMSA Approval of Lifejackets and Buoyancy Aids and the Compulsory.pdf
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