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MN 21 of 2013 - Recognition of Sea Service Aboard Training Vessel S.A. Agulhas for Fishing Cadets..pdf
MN 11 of 2013 - South African Ports Cargo Handling Code of Practice.pdf
MN 7 of 2013 - Approved medical practitioners.pdf
MN 6 of 2013 - National Certificates of Competence for skippers trained by the Department of Water Affairs.pdf
MN 5 of 2013 - Survey Standards.pdf
MN 4 of 2013 - Reporting of oil spills and shipping casualties threatening pollution.pdf
MN 3 of 2013 - Code of Practice for Marine Fire Service Stations — Approved DOTFAS Stations.pdf
MN 2 of 2013 - The ad-hoc inspections of South African flagged fishing vessels, 2012..pdf
MN 1 of 2013 - A review of incidents resulting in death in the South African fishing industry 2012.pdf
MN 40 of 2013 - Passenger Vessel Stability Criteria – Stability Criteria applicable to South African Certificated Passenger Vessels.pdf
MN 38 of 2013 - Accredited training institutions and programs.pdf
MN 36 of 2013 - List of valid Marine Notices.pdf
MN 35 of 2013 - Accredited training institutions and programs.pdf
MN 34 of 2013 Recognition of Foreign Seafarer Certificates of Competency and Proficiency (for revalidation purposes only) in Terms of the STCW Convention.pdf
MN 33 of 2013 - Ships Requiring Immobilization, Laying-Up, Stopping or Anchoring for Repairs Etc. Within South Africa’s Territorial Waters or Internal Waters, Outside Harbours or Fishing Harbours.pdf
MN 32 of 2013 - Training Record Books..pdf
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