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MN 8 of 2012 - Built-in Buoyancy and Alternative Standards for Survivability of Small Vessels – Minimum Requirements for Compliance with the Merchant Shipping (National Small Vessel Safety) Regulations,.pdf
MN 6 of 2012 - Draft Merchant Shipping Regulations Published For Comments.pdf
MN 32 of 2012 - Short comings in the safety culture on board South African fishing vessels, a comparison of trends 2003 to 2012..pdf
MN 31 of 2012 - Cautionary notice concerning Diabetes Mellitus.pdf
MN 30 of 2012 - Alerting all interested Parties to the publication for public comment, of the Merchant Shipping (Safe manning, training and certification) Regulations 2012 in Government Gazette No 35822.pdf
MN 28 of 2012 - Radio Life Saving Equipment and EPIRB’ Batteries.pdf
MN 24 of 2012 - Direct Contact Telephone Number – Cape Town Radio.pdf
MN 23 of 2012 - Watchkeeping certificate requirements for Cadets on accelerated training programs and the difference between a cadet and an assistant watchkeeper..pdf
MN 22 of 2012 - Findings of a casualty investigation into an accident to a containership due to defect in the electronic systems on board.pdf
MN 21 of 2012 - Lessons learned from a recent sailing vessel casualty.pdf
MN 20 of 2012 - Introduction of new South African Radio Operator Certification.pdf
MN 2 of 2012 - Code of Practice for Marine Fire Service Stations — Approved DOTFAS Stations.pdf
MN 19 of 2012 - Revalidation of GMDSS radio operator Certificates of Competency.pdf
MN 18 of 2012 - SAMSA Approval of Lifejackets and Buoyancy Aids and the Compulsory Standards for Lifejackets used on South African Vessels.pdf
MN 17 of 2012 - HIV and AIDS Awareness in the Maritime Sector.pdf
MN 16 of 2012 - Draft Regulations Relating To Safe Manning, Training and Certification of Seafarers – Notice of Planned Road Shows.pdf
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