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MN 1 of 2009 - Requirement for Safety Drills, Safety Familiarisation and....pdf
MN 23 of 2009 - Addendum to the South African Maritime Safety Authority’s Casualty  Accident Report Form.pdf
MN 22 of 2009 - Discharging Two Empty 20ft Containers Using a Four Legged Chain Sling.pdf
MN 15 of 2009 - Long Range Identification and Tracking of Ships (LRIT).pdf
MN 19 of 2009 - Recommendations following capsizing of shark cage diving vessel..pdf
MN 14 of 2009 - Cessation of satellite processing of 121.5 MHz Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon (EPIRB) analogue signals..pdf
MN 13 of 2009 - ‘Carving and Marking’ Of Under 25 Gross Tons Registered Vessels..pdf
MN 7 of 2009 - The Danger of conducting Hatch Cleaning and Cargo Operations.pdf
MN 8 of 2009 - Alterations made to existing ships.pdf
MN 6 of 2009 - SAMSA policy on vessels carrying bulk grain calling in South African ports.pdf
MN 4 of 2009 - Night time lookout – Photochromic lenses and dark adaptation.pdf
MN 2 of 2009 - Method of donning a Lifejacket and Abandoning Ship.pdf
MN 3 of 2009 - Policy on the use of oil spill dispersants in South African waters.pdf
MN 5 of 2009 - SAMSA Policy on Vessels En Route to Scrap Yards.pdf
MN 28 of 2009 - Dangerous Goods – Training of Shore Side Personnel.pdf


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