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MN 7 of 2008 - Obligation of Masters and Owners to Maintain Crewpassengers persons Lists.pdf
MN 6 of 2008 - Unified interpretation of SOLAS Chapter II-2.pdf
MN 4 of 2008 - Foreign flagged non-convention ships plying regularly between, or operating from, South African ports to have a Local General Safety Certificate.pdf
MN 3 of 2008 - Areas of control SAMSA Principal Officers.pdf
MN 28 of 2008 - Stevedore Safety Induction Training.pdf
MN 27 of 2008 - Implementation of the Merchant Shipping (National Small Vessel Safety) Regulations 2007 as amended.pdf
MN 26 of 2008 - Stability of 25GT fishing vessels fitted with blast freezers on deck.pdf
MN 21 of 2008 - Display of code flag “Alpha” and the use of dive markers in daylight, and the display of lights at night, during diving operations.pdf
MN 2 of 2008 - Surfing or Broaching of Small Craft in a following sea.pdf
MN 17 of 2008 - National Certificates of Competence for skippers trained by the SAPS Water Wing Division.pdf
MN 15 of 2008 - Survey of passenger vessels operating on inland waters.pdf
MN 12 of 2008 - The Merchant Shipping (Maritime Security) Regulations, 2004.pdf
MN 11 of 2008 - SAMSA standards for whale watching vessels.pdf
MN 10 of 2008 - Dangers of fumigated cargo.pdf


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