​​​​​​​​​ Corporate Social Investments
​​​​SAMSA's vision and objective is to lead and champion South Africa's maritime interests as a custodian and steward of maritime policy, to be the vigorous promoter of the maritime sector and give full and complete effect to its obligations for the benefit of all stakeholders.

Consistent with this and in compliance with the country's national development plans and attendant legislation encompassing wholesome social and economic development involving empowerment and upliftment of people, SAMSA's Corporate Social Investment is positioned to play a pivotal role.

Precisely, SAMSA's CSI contributes through community focused programmes that seek to encourage new entrants into the maritime industry, educate both the shoreline and inland-based population about the importance of all South Africa's waterways and about the necessity for proper utilisation of these safely, whether for work or leisure activities

SAMSA's CSI further supports the sustainability of subsistence-based shore communities, especially those impacted by climate change and maritime activities, co-ordinates efforts of multiple stakeholder groups with an interest in maritime safety and the environment through social mapping, and throughout all these, SAMSA employees are constantly engaged directly or indirectly to sustain their enthusiasm to live SAMSA's values.


CSI Projects : on maritime rural development involve focus areas as follows:

1. Education​

2. Water skills development​

3. Entrepreneurial focus


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