Audit and Accreditation Overview
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The Office is responsible for maintaining SAMSA’s standards by means of audits and accreditation of Maritime Training, Education Programmes, Institutions and Marine Safety equipment’s.
Our key areas are : 
  • Audits and Accreditation - SAMSA manages an audit program to ensure SAMSA standards of examination, certification, assessment and accreditation are maintained.
  • Medical Practitioner - Medical Practitioners must be accredited by SAMSA to conduct a medical examination for Seafarers. Only medical fitness certificates provided by Accredited Medical Practitioners are accepted.
  • Training Institutions - Training Institution accreditation including curriculum and lecturer accreditation ensure adherence to the quality standards set by SAMSA and international conventions and agreements. Shipping Company's Accelerated Training programmes accredited where possible to allow Seafarers a reduced qualifying service. Audits (scheduled and ad hoc) ensure that the required quality and standards are maintained.
  • Service Stations and Lifesaving Equipment - In order to provide vessel and seafarer equipment, Services stations, equipment and maintenance stations must be approved.
  • Authorised Agencies  - SAMSA uses Authorised Agencies to assist in surveys of small vessels. These Authorsed Agencies must be accredited and are audited on a regular basis.
  • STCW I/10 Recognition - The STCW I/10 Recognition agreements are based on various conventions and Memoranda of Understanding. The process is a legal process.
In order sustain these the Office manages an audit program to ensure SAMSA standards are maintained. The Office promotes inter- Administration discussions on mutual acceptance of qualifications and standards and recognition of Certificates of Competency.
For guidance on SAMSA's Audit and Accreditation  requirements please contact a SAMSA office.​

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