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Survey Information and Checklists

Note that:

  • All pleasure vessels used in South Africa, excepting;
    - Power driven vessels powered by motors of 15HP or less;
    - Sailing vessels of less than 9m;
    - Vessels propelled by human power alone;
    Are required to be surveyed (inspected) annually and issued a Certificate of Fitness (COF) by either a SAMSA surveyor or a safety officer appointed by an Authorised Agency.
  • All commercial vessels regardless of size or propulsion are required to be surveyed annually by a SAMSA officer or a SAMSA appointed small vessel surveyor and issued a Local General Safety Certificate (LGSC).


Area Of  Operation


Type Of Use



Find information on:

Guideline to the proper inspection of a small power driven vessel;
Where to find a SAMSA surveyor or Authorised Agency Safety Officer;
Survey of Passenger Vessels Operating on Inland Waters (Including Floating Restaurants and
SAMSA Checklists (By Category);

Maritime Emergency Number: 021-938-3300