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Our philosophy on BEE and transformation
As a proudly indigenous South African government owned entity, Black Economic Empowerment (BEE) is a fundamental part of the business philosophy of the South African Maritime Safety Authority. We commit to going beyond the definition set by government both as regards the formal definition of BEE and the seven transformation indicators. We embrace BEE as a sustainable, value creating strategy, designed to create realistic, meaningful, enduring relationships that are mutually beneficial for all impacted parties. We are committed to do this in the spirit of ongoing learning, growth and awareness at multiple levels i.e. intra/interpersonal, customer\stakeholder and organisational. 
The end goal of working at these three levels is aimed at transcending the focus on race to an end goal of achieving humanness. We aim to achieve this through our commitment to model our way of being and doing in such a way that others want it and want to be involved in it. This assumes a well-developed level of sensitivity at an individual and organizational level, to the context within which we are operating and an awareness of human dynamics and processes in order to achieve this overall goal of humaneness. How we are as human beings with each other, moment is a critical part of what BEE is all about for us. 
Maritime Emergency Number: 021-938-3300