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Maritime Industry Development

The purpose of the Industry Development section is to create economic value to the country through the promotion and development of all maritime industries. This is done by outlining the role of industry development within the commercial maritime sector in line with the SAMSA mandate.

This is needed because the maritime domain is currently misaligned and disjointed in term of policies, strategies and industry development initiatives, if any, this resulting in the country’s maritime interests not being properly and effectively   explored to the advantage of the South Africans.  Industry development should take ownership of the South African maritime domain to benefit South Africans.

The section aims to assist in the positioning of SAMSA as the “go to” regarding South African maritime affairs that will shape the African maritime agenda and influence global maritime developments. The strategic thrust is to provide a robust and stable base that will place SAMSA in a better position to respond to imperatives of transforming, growing and developing the maritime sector in order to contribute to the government initiatives aimed at reducing poverty, creating jobs and developing the economy.

This is done through:

·         Economic Research and Development

·         The identification of viable projects

·         Creating an enabling environments

·         Stake holder Management

·         Transformation of the maritime domain.

Maritime Emergency Number: 021-938-3300