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Marine Notices

26 November 1993

Spillage of harmful substances.

18 October 1993

 Compulsory reporting of dangerous goods.

12 May 1984

The dangers involved when a vessels stability is not carefully monitored whilst undergoing modification during docking or undocking.

10 April 1992

 Machinery piping systems ‑ oil under pressure.

26 August 1992

Towage Requirements

03 July 1992

 Carriage of flammable oils in forepeak tanks of ships is discouraged.

15 June 1992

 Watertight bulkheads.

11 December 1991

Compliance with the requirement in terms of regulation 13 if the Ships' Medicines and medical appliances regulation, 1991 to have on board certain medicines and medial appliances

28 November 1990

 Use of the compass of the forrad maneuvering wheelhouse. 

15 November 1990

 Distribution of marine notices.


Maritime Emergency Number: 021-938-3300