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Marine Notices

29 June 2018

Review of the SAMSA Code

29 June 2018
Implementation of Provisions for Fishing Vessels and Fishers on the Regulations
19 June 2018
The List of Participants in the National Small Vessel Examination Regime.
List of Appointed Small Vessel Examiners
List of Accredited Training Institutions – (Schools...

Record of Type approval certificates

07 June 2018

New Building Procedures – Ships and Boats

30 May 2018

List of valid Marine Notices

24 May 2018
List of SAMSA External Appointed Surveyors and Authorised Agency Safety Officers
11 May 2018

Vessels carrying out operational towing activities without addressing the required legislated requirements

03 May 2018
Safety and certification requirements for foreign recreational vessels in South African waters
24 April 2018

Determination of Charges – Fishing Engineers


Maritime Emergency Number: 021-938-3300