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What risk cover is applicable in case of a cadet’s injury or death whilst signed on Articles?

The participating companies/managers are expected to provide their P&I cover which should only extend to repatriation of the cadet. SAMTRA has a Group Personal Accident cover for each cadet which will apply on the cadets return to his home port for any further medical costs that may occur or in event of a loss of limb the cost of rehabilitation and compensation for loss of such limb. Death benefits also apply. In addition travel insurance cover has been obtained to cover the cadet during travel to /from a vessel.

What options do the participating companies have in employing the cadets on qualification as Officer of the Watch. The participating company has first right to employ the cadet and the cadet’s bursary agreement includes an obligation on the cadet to serve for at least one year with the participating company upon qualification however the company is under no obligation to employ the cadet.

Maritime Emergency Number: 021-938-3300