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What qualification will cadets obtain on completion of their training?

Cadets will follow an accelerated cadetship which has to be accredited by SAMSA. Participating companies onboard training record books can be used (after accreditation by SAMSA) or SAMSA’s own training record book which is based on the ISF version. Cadets must comply with all SAMSA qualification requirements and once they pass their final Oral examinations, conducted by SAMSA they will be issued with a fully STCW compliant South African Certificate of Competency as Officer of the Watch (Deck or Engine)

What training requirements must OOW’s meet in order to obtain higher level Certificates of Competency? Once seatime requirements are met, as per the STCW Code, the candidates are required to attend a further year of studies at a nautical college in South Africa. Once successfully completed and once any additional Ancillary course requirements are met the candidates present themselves for an Oral examination at SAMSA to obtain the next level of Certificate of Competency.

Please refer to the diagrams entitled: TRAINING REQUIREMENTS FOR ENGINEER OFFICER, once Qualified as OOW &
TRAINING REQUIREMENTS FOR DECK OFFICER, once Qualified as OOW for further information.

Maritime Emergency Number: 021-938-3300