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Registered Agent

In respect of every registered ship the name and address of a person must be entered in the register as the registered agent of that ship.  This agent will be the person who serves as the central point of communication between the vessel and this office.  The agent need not be South African, but must be resident in South Africa.

In terms of the SRR the registered agent can be-

  • In the case of a ship operated solely by South African residents or South African nationals or both such residents and such nationals, the operator or one of the operators of the ship.
  • In the case of a ship on bareboat charter to South African nationals, the charterer or one of the charterers of the ship
  • In the case of a ship without a managing owner, the person or one of the persons who is the ship’s agent or a person managing the ship
  • In any other case, the managing owner or one of the managing owners.

Should the agent or details of the registered agent change the Registrar must be informed in writing within 14 days.

Maritime Emergency Number: 021-938-3300