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Social mapping is a major initiative which strategically supports SAMSA’s services to society – through its services to government, its technical services to the marine and maritime industry, and to its stakeholders. 

Government departments, non-profit organisations, and even other major corporates all impact directly on communities. By mapping the services relating to the affected communities, development practitioners can assess community needs and co-ordinate efforts to assist communities with their upliftment, thus greatly leveraging the value of social investment.

SAMSA is a full member of Trialogue’s GIS mapping project for the entire South Africa, populated with detailed information on demographics, infrastructure, schools, health clinics, etc. By supporting SAMSA with the mapping of relevant information to its own needs, the company will be making a significant contribution to society at large and the maritime communities in particular.

Through this site, we welcome visitors wishing to browse the location and basic information of our projects, registered users may conduct detailed research using the social map’s many layers of development information, or you can help us update the social map by sending in GIS information on your project.


Here we intend to put up a basic map of South Africa with pins on it showing the location of SAMSA’s projects only. 

When you mouse over a pin, it will give the name of the project. When you click on it, you will be taken to that project’s page where the project is described with pics, etc.

Registered users

Here we intend to provide a log-in for registered users to log in to the social map, thus taking them to Trialogue’s Social Mapping tool. There must be some sort of SAMSA identity as part  of this process.

Help us update the social map

Send us an email with the particulars of your project and we will update the social map, making available to all interested stakeholders the vital information necessary to co-ordinate development efforts.

Update now and thereby assist communities with their upliftment, thus greatly leveraging the value of your social investment.



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