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SAMSA Approves medical practitioners to conduct medical examination of seafarers in accordance with the Merchant Shipping (Eyesight and Medical Examination) Regulations, 2004, as amended. 

Medical Practitioners who seek to be so approved must follow the procedure detailed below - POP-510 - Accreditation of Medical Practitioners;


POP-510 - Accreditation of Medical Practitioners ​Overview of the procedure and may include a flow diagram of activities/tasks to be undertaken.
GOP-510 - Accreditation of a Medical Practitioner ​Guidance on the requirements of the procedure
COP-510 - Accreditation as Medical Practitioner ​Checklist providing an aide-memoire for inspection of a medical facility by the examiner
FOP-510.0 - Application for approval of Medical Practitioners ​Application form to be completed by the Medical Practitioner
Approved Medical Practitioners, by Practice​List of Approved Medical Practitioners, by Practice
Approved Medical Practitioners, by Area​List of Approved Medical Practitioners, by Area
​FOP-510.1 Report on Approval of Medical Practitioners ​Not available on the website
​FOP-510.2 Certificate of Accreditation of Medical Practitioner ​Not available on the website


The Medical Practitioner shall complete FOP-510.0 and COP-510 together with the application for service form and submit to the nearest SAMSA Office.

Once the process is completed, the approved medical practitioner will be added to thel list of approved medical practitioners on the SAMSA Website within two weeks. 

Enquiries regarding the List of Approved Medical Practitioners shall be directed to

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