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SAMSA hereby advises training institutions and providers of changes to the requirements/conditions of accreditation with effect from 01 January 2017. 

Whilst the new procedures come into effect on 01 January 2017, all institutions shall be compliant with these requirements from 01 February 2017. 

There are some requirements which come into effect at a later date, institutions must familiarize themselves with these new requirements.

All applications for accreditation currently underway shall be compliant with the new requirements. For any other accreditation:

1.  Any audit done on an accredited institution on or after 01 February 2017 shall be in accordance with the new requirements

2.  Any document issued by SAMSA relating to an accredited institution or programme from 01 January 2017 shall be subject to the new requirements

The accreditations referred to here are in accordance with Regulation 85 of the Merchant Shipping (Safe Manning, Training and Certification) Regulations, 2013 as amended (the Regulations) as well as Regulation I/6 and Section A-I/6 of the International Convention on Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping for Seafarers, 1978 as amended (STCW Convention) and the Seafarers’ Training and Certification Code (STCW Code), respectively.

All courses required under Part 2, divisions 2(A), (5) and (6) of the Regulations and other courses required by any Acts set out in the Schedule 2 of the South African Maritime Safety Act, 2008 shall be subject to this accreditation procedure.

All the documents forming part of the procedure are listed below with a brief of what they cover

Document​ Description
POP-503 - Accreditation of a training institution ​Overview of the procedure and includes a flow diagram of activities/tasks to be undertaken.

​​G​OP-503.1 - Accreditation of a Training Institution

GOP-503.1a - Special Requirements for Accreditations

​GOP-503.1 Sets the primary requirements for accreditation. GOP-503.1a sets extra requirements for special/specific courses

GOP-503.2 - Format and Wording of Certificates

GOP-503.2a - SAMSA Accredited institution certificate 

​This guidance note provides for a standardized​ certificate issued by SAMSA accredited training institution.

GOP-503.3 - Requirements for Quality Standards System

 GOP-503.3a - Course completed and Certs issued

Introduces minimum requirements for every accredited training institution to have a Quality Standard System (QSS).​
GOP-503.4 - Submission of Information Required from Training Institution ​Sets out the format of the reports to be submitted by institutions to SAMSA and the related period.
COP-503.0 - Checklist for Submission of Information for Accreditation ​Set outs the list of documents and/or information to be submitted for accreditation
COP-503.1 - Audit Checklist - Accreditation of Training Institution ​A generic audit checklist, excludes specific items for various courses
Accredited Programs and Course, by Institution

​List of Accredited Programs and Course, by Institution

Accredited Programs and Course, by ​Area

​List of Accredited Programs and Course, by Area

Accredited Programs and Course, by ​Courses

​List of Accredited Programs and Course, by Course

​FOP-503.0a - Report on Accreditation - Training Institution ​Not available on the website
​FOP-503.0b - Report on Accreditation - Accelerated Training ​Not available on the website
​FOP-503.1a - Certificate of Accreditation - Training Institutions ​Not available on the website
​FOP-503.1b - Certificate of accreditation - Training Programme

​Not available on the website


Applications for accreditation shall be made to the nearest SAMSA office. Enquiries regarding accreditations may be directed to your nearest SAMSA Office or the Chief Examiner via e-mail to

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